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The Showcase Music School is an iconic and modern provider of child-driven and family-inclusive arts education and performance opportunities. We reach out to thousands of young people each week. Showcase is home to many schools where our team of professional teachers & musicians deliver a reliable service, consistency and above all, happiness and inspiration by the bucket full.  We find a way to ensure all young people are offered opportunities to share their success and achievements to an audience every term.  The company operate a wide range of ensembles that are free for young people to take part in out side of school too. Combining a masterful scheme of work for schools and plenty of joy, Showcase is a results driven company responsible for transforming young lives and channelling their energies into a positive direction.  

affordable, accessible & inclusive

Showcase provide for every opportunity including: PPA Cover, Wider Opportunities, Curriculum teaching, Clubs, Instrumental Teaching (school paid), Instrumental Teaching (parent paid - easing admin responsibilities & financial subsidy from school), Ensembles, Workshops and much more.

Get in touch for more information or to come and see us in action. We cut all admin costs saving schools thousands. Our founder is trained similarly to Headteachers as a Designated Safeguarding Lead and our team are trained rigorously in safeguarding and child protection. We are reliable and friendly and create long lasting memories for your children and young people.

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what can young people access out of school?

Showcase is home to one of the biggest inclusive youth orchestras in Southampton. Our jazz orchestra is also a popular group for those wishing to develop skills in improvisation and different genres from any ability. We have 2 young voices choirs on either side of Southampton which are free for young people to access each week. Our groups are directed by maestros at the top of their game who strive for really high standards yet creating a family and welcome feel for all our young people.

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proud to serve over 25 schools as of January 2019

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