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September 2019-July 2020


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Which school will your child be attending in September 2019
Which year group will your child be in, in September 2019?
Maximum of 2 instruments
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Are you beginning these lessons from scratch or would you like to continue lessons you are already having with Showcase?
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Group | OR | Individual Lesson Individual Lessons are higher priced. Group Lessons are lesser priced with no more than 4 in a group.
Please tick below to confirm if you give permission for the child named above to be included in promotional and marketing photography and video footage by Showcase Music School Ltd. Such footage may be included in promotional videos/features leading up to, during and after the event on our websites and future publicity materials. Media links are often posted to our social networking sites. We will occasionally use photos as our ‘profile’ photos on our OFFICIAL social networking sites to promote our inspirational company. YOU MUST NOTIFY US IF YOU WISH TO CHANGE THIS CONSENT. We will never publish the name or identity of any child.
Please list any diagnosed medical conditions plus details of any medication that may be required to be administered by our first aiders on the night. Please note we are not obliged to do this without the correct information. You will be required to complete a separate administering consent form on the night. If there are no medical concerns state 'NONE'
Cancellation Terms *
You must give 1 FULL HALF TERM's NOTICE to cancel lessons in advance to avoid further payments. Please tick confirm to agree to this.
Payment Terms *
Payments are due as follows: 22nd August 2019 - Pays for Autumn Term (Sept-Dec) 22nd November 2019 - Pays for Spring Term (Jan-Mar) 22nd February 2020 - Pays for Summer Term (Apr-Jul) Please tick CONFIRM to confirm your commitment to a year's worth of lessons. Details of final cost will be sent following this application.
Payment Method *
Please select your preferred method of payment:
Have you already paid via direct debit with showcase before? Or are you a NEW customer? If you are already subscribed we will automatically set up a new plan using your details already registered.
Supervision *
Relevant to lessons at HOLY FAMILY, BITTERNE PARK, SINCLAIR & MANSEL PARK. Please TICK if your child will wait after school with their instrument teacher until their lesson time (applicable to 4pm or 4.30pm slot). There will be an additional charge of £1 per week for this service. If you tick NO you will be responsible for picking your child up from school at 3.30pm and then bringing them back for their lesson at the correct time.
Parent or Carer Name *
Parent or Carer Name
Tick CONFIRM to confirm your permission for your child to have lessons with Showcase Music School and to confirm that you adhere to our payment and cancellation terms.