My Open Letter to British Airways

Dear British Airways,

I am writing on behalf of the Another Dimension Drumming Troop c/o Showcase Music School in Southampton UK.

I write to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Captain and crew of flight BA 188 from Newark to Heathrow on Friday 12th April (landing Saturday 13th).

During the flight one of our youngsters took extremely ill. It was scary, we were worried and with 7 hours remaining on the flight we really feared for his safety.

We are indebted to our own Sophie and the senior cabin crew Julie and her colleague Emiji who did not leave his side. They got him through the worst and did not stop until he settled. The kindness and patience from these members of staff on both sides is something I will never forget.

It’s hard to explain the feelings you experience when responsible for the children of others. You don;t stop until they are 100% safe and cared for. We even washed all of their tour hoodie’s in the hotel launderette one evening for their added comfort on the journey home.

Julie spend several moments on the phone to a medical team in Phoenix who were giving us minute by minute instructions. We may have found ourselves landing in Newfoundland to get him to hospital. Their patience was exquisite. They did not utter one ounce of concern should I question their actions / the requests of the medical team to ensure maximum care. Emiji stayed with him along with our Sophie who kept talking to him, stroking his hair and holding his hand. You could feel completely at ease with the level of expertise and care shown towards us.

British Airways were kind enough to allow him to sleep the remainder of the night in one of the luxury beds in First Class. Sophie and I were able to stay with him all night. They couldn’t do enough to support us. They gained an urgent landing spot at Heathrow holding up all other traffic so we could get him to the ground. No one could leave the plane until the paramedics came on and we were not once made to feel rushed or a burden by crew or other passengers.

I would like to express my thanks to Julie, Emiji, the captain, the whole crew who kept asking if we were okay. My extended thanks go to my team of professionals and caring staff who were there by the side of our other kids, ensuring they were okay, comforting them and supporting others who were feeling unwell. Our thanks also go to the other passengers in economy who could not sleep while we kept lights on to care for our youngster.

It really puts life into perspective and for this I could not be more grateful. Our young man woke up feeling much better pleased by the thought he had spent the night in first class with his hand being held by a couple of lovely ladies! A memory we will share forever, for ever so grateful reasons.

Thank you to Sophie, and to all at British Airways.

PS, A Very Happy Birthday x