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licensing legislation

We are required as part of the Children and Young Person’s Act of 1963 to ensure that children are not exploited in public performances that fall under criteria that requires a child to be licensed.  There are specific criteria that organisations must meet in order to be exempt from licensing:

This legislation under section 37(1) means that a licence may need to be granted if a child takes part in a performance where: A charge is made | It Takes Place in a Licensed Premises | It is for a broadcast | It is recorded for a broadcast or film.

The 1963 Children and Young Person’s Act then continues to highlight under section 37(3); “(3) A licence under the above criteria shall not be required for any child to take part in a performance to which the above section applies if: In the six months preceding the performance he/she has not taken part in other performances to which this section applies on more than four days ;” OR the performance is given under arrangements made by a school.”

Although most performance opportunities at Showcase do not fall under the criteria, our larger scale events do and we will always notify parents and request that they complete the necessary paperwork to declare exemption. If your child has performed more than 4 times in the 6 months before the event they may not be able to take part. A licensing exemption form will be provided for parents to complete.

Alex Pope, our Founder has completed training in PROTECTING CHILDREN IN ENTERTAINMENT.

See more information on our Safeguarding practises here

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